Vision-based gesture recognition in human-robot teams using synthetic data
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Self‐reliant rovers for increased mission productivity
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A tale of two explanations: Enhancing human trust by explaining robot behavior
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Feeling the force: Integrating force and pose for fluent discovery through imitation learning to open medicine bottles
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A Glove-based System for Studying Hand-Object Manipulation via Joint Pose and Force Sensing
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SPOC: Deep Learning-based Terrain Classification for Mars Rover Missions
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Vision-Based Obstacle Avoidance for Micro Air Vehicles Using an Egocylindrical Depth Map
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Pooled motion features for first-person videos
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Joint inference of groups, events and human roles in aerial videos
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Integrating grammar and segmentation for human pose estimation
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Human parsing using stochastic and-or grammars and rich appearances
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Integrating isometric joysticks into mobile phones for text entry
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Huddle: automatically generating interfaces for systems of multiple connected appliances
J Nichols, B Rothrock, DH Chau, BA Myers
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Scheduling with uncertain resources: Collaboration with the user
E Fink, U Bardak, B Rothrock, JG Carbonell
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Few-key text entry revisited: mnemonic gestures on four keys
J Wobbrock, B Myers, B Rothrock
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UNIFORM: automatically generating consistent remote control user interfaces
J Nichols, BA Myers, B Rothrock
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Unified associative information storage and retrieval
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Maximizing the guessability of symbolic input
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