• Van's RV-14
    Mar 29, 2017

    The RV-14 is the most recent design from Van's Aircraft, and is essentially a marriage between the immensely popular RV-7 and the newer 4-place RV-10. It is intended to be a little more suitable for cross-country, while still retaining some of the sport aerobatic elements (+6G, -3G) of the RV-7. The aircraft is a traditional all-aluminum construction and available in both tricycle gear or taildragger configurations. I elected to build the RV14A tricycle variant because they're a little easier to handle on the ground despite being slightly less efficient in the air.

    More information can be found on the Van's website here.

    Van's is one of the largest kit manufacturers, and you see RV's everywhere. Furthermore, they have an almost cult-like following of builders and pilots, which is one of the main attractors to building one. The Van's Air Force forums is generally very active, and a great source of feedback and information.